My weight loss journey: How I lost 44 pounds and never gained them back using a plant based diet by Andreas Michaelides

It’s refreshing to find a how-to book that tells it as it is. No fluff. No beating around the bush. You can be on your way to a leaner you in less than an hour. With the author’s engineering background Andreas reveal how his diet plan work with mathematical precision. This measuring and recording will satisfy the geek in you. The author also doesn’t spoon feed with detailed information. Instead he list useful links to highly recommended resources and trust you to do your own research and conclusion. Practice mindful eating, have 2 fruits daily + veggies a few times a week is really not hard to do. The author is not hardcore and does not expect a drastic change but a gradual one that will be more sustainable in the long-run. Although running is his most recommended exercise to lose weight, he states the only way exercise will stick is when it becomes a hobby – so find something you enjoy and just do it – no question! Ultimately it’s a lifestyle choice and I will be the first to admit I’m doing it for vanity reason because when we look good, we feel good too and that has a ripple effect on our lives. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

P.S. For more informative health and exercise related articles, you can visit Andreas Michaelides’ website


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